"The Simple But Amazing Method For Raising Teenagers -- And Living To Tell About It!"


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So, is there really any way that you can tell anyone what parenting's about, or what teenage parenting is about?

Is there any set definition that will tell someone that if they do this, this, and this, their child will turn out to be a model citizen and a fine upstanding member of the community?

Well, while I can't guarantee any of those things, I can certainly tell you how you can get as close to guaranteeing those outcomes as possible...

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me, Anyway?

Using the principles she teaches, Dolly Yeo went from helpless and nagging mother to ‘greatest mum’ according to her three teenagers. She integrates her life coaching skills into 21st century successful parenting. Dolly Yeo is the Chief Coach of Mindset Coaching, the growing personal coaching company in Singapore.

Dolly has also been featured on, the #1-ranked website for Self Improvement on the Internet. A few other experts included in this comprehensive expert directory are Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Phil McGraw, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey. She is also currently an Expert Author with, an established and popular online publications directory.

She was elected as the Past President, Mentor & Co-Sponsor of two Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore. Winner of the Toastmasters International Division Speech Contest in Singapore, she was also awarded the Toastmasters' District 51 Governor's Citation Award in 2003 for her contribution to the Toastmasters' movement and an Outstanding Toastmasters Award 2002 by Raintree Toastmasters Club. She is an Active Parenting Certified Leader (USA), Certified Parent.

Dolly is also a speaker for Asia Business Forum’s conference; for teachers in a private school in Mumbai; In schools and organisations in Singapore.

Testimonial #1:

"I can endorse that you are truly a coaching professional with a wealth of experience, expertise, passion and compassion!"

Chan Seow Yang, Author of "Possibilities Abound"


Testimonial #2:

"Dolly’s passion and commitment to the work that she does inspired me to make changes in my family life. Her concept of coaching vs parenting is one of the most successful principles which my family has benefitted from."

Theresa Lee

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